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Invite your friends to move in, everybody wins.
Earn up to $5,000 when you refer someone who goes onto purchase and close on a New Home Co. residence. New Home Co.'s Family and Friends Referral Program is a great way to bring everyone and everything you love together.
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How do I participate in New Home Co.'s Competitive Buyer Referral Program?

If you have purchased a home with New Home Co., you can participate. The incentive will be received after the buyer you refer goes on to close escrow.

Can I only refer a friend to the same neighborhood that I have purchased at?

No, you can refer a friend to any New Home Co. neighborhood that they are interested in across Southern and Northern California. (Sorry Arizona residents -- your home state does not allow for referral incentives at this time.)

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

You are allowed to refer three new buyers annually to earn the special incentive. Each of your referrals that go on to purchase will result in an additional $5,000 credit for you if they go on to purchase.